about us

Established in Lebanon in July 2002, Gravitas’ team expertise in the balloons market dates back to 1996, when there were only 3 toy shops selling balloons in Lebanon. Since then, the balloon experts behind Gravitas have played a key role in driving the market development, and in earning the trust of the best suppliers in the US.

They simply had a big vision for those little gadgets we call balloons; to turn these colorful creations into essential solutions for advertising, entertainment, decoration and social expression.

Year after year, Gravitas was always pushing the balloon industry upwards in terms of design, quality, and creativity. Not surprisingly, it soon became the most trusted distributor for high and medium-quality products with the widest range of products by world market leaders, and the first and leading distributor of Helium gas in Lebanon through local supplier Air Liquide.

6 balloon professionals and specialists, including managing director Naji Sakr, have given Gravitas an active customer database, served with state-of-the-art communications and transportation facilities, and regularly empowered with technical courses and conventions offered to clients.

Today, Gravitas is a soaring name in the field of balloons and party supplies, distributing its quality US-sourced products to a big number of retailers in Lebanon and the Middle East.
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